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What We Do

Childcare Developments Group here to help you with every step of making your childcare centre dream a reality, from concept to completion. Here are the main steps..

It’s all about the right location

As they say in the real estate business, it’s all about ‘location, location, location’! To build a successful childcare business, it pays to know which neighbourhoods have strong, unsatisfied demand so you can avoid oversaturated areas where competition might hamper the growth and success of your business. You also want to avoid things that put parents off, such as limited parking and high noise levels.


We can start you off by organising a location analysis and report of neighbourhoods you might be interested in. This report provides data and expert advice about:

The demographics of the area: its popularity with new families who might be in the market for childcare

Your competition: this includes demand for childcare in the neighbourhood and what other childcare providers are already established, how they operate and other information about them
noise sources: such as road or railway noise, which might be factors to consider in locating and designing your new childcare centre

Parking availability.

The location report also offers suggestions about how to address any issues. For example, you might need a car park to accommodate the flow of parents or measures to address noise from adjoining properties. It’s invaluable information about your prospective clients and your potential competition, which helps make your business a success.

Selecting a site

Once you’ve decided a neighbourhood, the search is on for a site.

Buying your own site? If you have a site in mind or have bought one, we can advise about whether it meets legislative and regulatory requirements. We can provide a no-obligation, no-charge indication of the likely cost of getting your new childcare centre built. And we can handle the whole approval and construction process.

Looking for a site that’s already approved for a childcare centre? Purchasing a site that already has all the design and other approvals puts you that much closer to opening the doors of your new childcare business.

We have development-approved sites for sale or lease. These sites have passed the development application stage with the local council. We’ve already taken care of the traffic and parking assessment, compliance with Building Code of Australia requirements, stormwater quality management plan, statement of environmental effects, arboricultural assessment and acoustic noise report. These sites are ready to build on, and we handle everything from liaising with the local council to facilitating the actual construction of the building and handling all the obligations associated with that process.

Either way — a site that’s development-approved or not — we can lay out the benefits of each option, so you can decide what’s best for you.

Grand designs

If you choose a site that doesn’t have development approvals yet, it’s time to get the design stage started..

First we prepare a detailed survey plan of the site and an overall scheme design: that’s a basic plan indicating the layout of the centre that’s needed for the approval process.

Our building designer has over 15 years’ experience creating beautiful childcare centres in NSW, with the latest features and safety components to meet development requirements for your neighbourhood. Our design team creates the whole centre: the building, car park, playground and storage space, all compliant with building standards, fire codes and council requirements.

Look through the scheme designs for our development-approved sites for sale or lease. Notice how the balance of indoor and outdoor space provides flexibility for a range of uses, with open spaces allowing you to designate areas for specified activities while still leaving plenty of space for equipment and supply storage.

Or would you would like a customised building? Our highly-experienced design team and builders can give you industry-leading tips about design techniques and best practices and work with you to prepare a unique design that satisfies your vision.

All the approvals

Once the site and scheme design are decided, we’re ready to conduct a preliminary meeting on your behalf with the local council. We give them the scheme design and information about what you plan for the site. This includes addressing things like car park and playground design, the landscape plan and fire safety measures. They’ll let us know what they think of your proposal and state any further requirements. We can then advise you whether you should proceed.

Our team prepares all the paperwork for the approval process including the traffic and parking assessment, stormwater quality management plan, statement of environmental effects, arboricultural assessment and acoustic noise report. We then lodge the development application on your behalf and liaise with council through to approval.

Once the development application is approved, we meet with you to explain the approval and any conditions the council has imposed. We then prepare the detailed construction plans and specifications to ensure they comply with the Building Code of Australia and other relevant Australian standards. This results in the issue of a construction certificate so building can get started.


At this stage, we are all set to start building your new childcare centre. Construction typically takes six months to a year after the initial site acquisition and planning stage, during which you are free to concentrate on all the other aspects of opening your new centre. Finally, on the issuing of the occupation certificate, you’re ready to move in!

Want a childcare centre ready to move into?

If you want to get your childcare business up and running right away in a brand-new centre, we have a selection of newly built childcare centres around Sydney ready to move into and available for purchase or lease. They have industry-leading designs that incorporate kid-friendly spaces and fixtures.

Each of our childcare centres comes with a location analysis and report providing data and information about the need for additional childcare in the area, what other childcare providers are already established in the area and how they operate, any noise concerns and what the current parking availability is.