Do You Want To Start Your Own Childcare Centre?

Are you interested in being part of this rapidly growing field? Do you want to start your own Childcare Centre?

If you are thinking of starting up your own Childcare Centre but unsure where to begin, have a read over this blog. 

Why start a Childcare business?

Starting your own Childcare Centre offers loads of benefits. The following are some of the most frequently cited reasons why people decide to break into this industry:

  • Earn a good income: Running a childcare business can be lucrative, especially if you open one in a prime area.
  • Work with kids: Dome people are better equipped to work with kids compared to adults and prefer the environment of a daycare rather than a corporate office.
  • Make a difference: Running a Childcare Centre gives you an opportunity to make a difference in other people’s lives. If you want to create a safe and uplifting environment for kids and give parents peace of mind, starting a childcare business might be a good fit for you.

How to start a Childcare Centre

Now, let’s get into what you’ll need to do if you want to enjoy the benefits listed above and open your own childcare business. Here are some specific steps you can start taking today:

Meet the Basic Qualifications

You don’t need a university degree to run a childcare business (although, it doesn’t hurt if you have one). However, you will need to meet some other, basic qualifications, including the following:

  • – Pass a police or criminal background check
  • – Obtain and pass first aid training
  • – Obtain and pass anaphylaxis training
  • – Pass working with children checks

If you can check these basic boxes, it will show potential clients that you are a reliable individual who can be trusted to care for children and keep them safe.

Get Provider and Service Approvals. 

You’ll also need to get some specific childcare approvals before you can open your business, too. This includes provider approval and service approval:

Provider Approval

The provider approval application process is nationally recognised and conducted by Australia’s Regulatory Authority. It determines whether you are qualified to provide early childhood services.

The provider approval process assesses your history of compliance with current education and care service laws, your criminal history, and any past bankruptcy issues.

Service Approval

You’ll need service approval if you plan to operate the business and be responsible for its management. This application requires you to provide details regarding the type of service you will manage, as well as information on insurance, permits, policies, and procedures.

Meet with a Consultant

If you need help navigating the world of childcare business permits and approvals, meeting with a childcare consultant may be a good choice.

A childcare business consultant will explain everything you need to do to open a business as quickly as possible and manage it properly. They can advise on everything from permits and licenses to hiring employees and marketing your services.

Build, Buy, or Lease a Child Care Centre

Next, you’ll need to think about where your Childcare Centre is going to be located.

Do you plan to build a Centre from the ground up? Do you want to find a Childcare Centre for sale or a Childcare Centre for lease?

Depending on your answer to these questions, you may need to meet with childcare builders and a childcare design team. You may also need to meet with someone who specialises in childcare renovations to help you makeover an existing structure and ensure it’s up to code.

Invest in Equipment

Once you’ve found a place to run your childcare business, you need to make sure it’s properly stocked.

For starters, you’ll need to invest in toys, books, and games to keep kids entertained, as well as desks, chairs, and other types of furniture so they have comfortable places to sit and play. Don’t forget about supplies like diapers, wipes, and changing tables, as well as coat racks and outdoor play equipment. 

Draft Policies and Procedures

You’ll need to draft several lists of policies and procedures for your Childcare Centre. This includes policies for parents to follow, policies for employees to follow, and specific procedures for you to go through when it comes to vetting clients and new hires.

Hire Employees

At this point, you’ll likely be ready to start hiring employees. Australia has specific ratios that you’ll need to abide by based on the age of the child and the location of the Centre.

Are you ready to build a Childcare Centre?

If you’ve been wondering how to start a Childcare Centre, now you have some insight. Follow the steps outlined above so you can navigate the Childcare Centre construction process and run a successful business.

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