Childcare Developments Group

Centres for Sale or Lease

Childcare Developments Group has sites in high-demand neighbourhoods throughout New South Wales with development approval for a childcare centre. If you’re thinking of leasing a new childcare centre, or buying a leased centre, we have a range of opportunities for you around the state.

Thinking of leasing a new centre?

Looking for a site that’s already approved for a childcare centre? Leasing a site with development approval for a childcare centre puts you that much closer to opening the doors of your new childcare business. These sites have passed the development application stage with the local council. We’ve already taken care of the traffic and parking assessment, compliance with Building Code of Australia requirements, stormwater quality management plan, statement of environmental effects, arboricultural assessment and acoustic noise report. These sites are ready to build on, and we handle everything from liaising with the local council to organising the actual construction of the building and handling all the obligations associated with that process. Contact us to find out more about our development-approved sites available for lease.

Looking to buy or invest in a centre?

Our leased childcare centres offer opportunities for a solid return on investment and long-term capital gains. We have a number of sites with development approval that have either lease agreements or heads of agreement with a childcare centre operator that provide investment or purchase opportunities in some of New South Wales’ fastest-growing locations. Contact us to find out more about buying or investing in a leased site.